Your New Yacht

The Right Boat for you.

Sunsail offers ownership opportunities on a wide range of sailing catamarans and monohulls. These models are chosen for their quality construction and up to the minute designs. Many boats in the Sunsail fleet are built to our own rigorous build requirements.  Sunsail works with the boat builders to ensure that the materials used and finish of the boats are of a high standard and something that the owner can be proud of for many years into the future. With craft ranging between 10 and 16 meters, there is a boat to suit both your requirements and those of Sunsail as the charter management company.

Now, how does it work for you?

In essence, the charter income earned is split evenly between the boat owner and the management company. Sunsail pays for the charter bases, offices, staffing, administration, marketing and valeting. The owner covers the cost of insurance, maintenance and marine fees for his/her boat. Bear in mind that these expenses would apply to a boat owned privately however, in the case of charter boat ownership, these expenses become tax deductible.

Your Yacht – Your Business

Owning a charter yacht turns your recreational activity into a business. Your charter boat provides certain tax advantages, as with most businesses, operating costs such as maintenance, insurance and marine fees can be tax deductible. Interest charges on any loans that you have taken for the boat purchase are also potentially tax deductible so careful planning of your boat purchase can make it actually pay to borrow. Often it can be more beneficial than purchasing a boat outright from your cash savings. Being a company asset means that you can claim depreciation schedule. GST, which is payable on the purchase of any new boat can be refundable on charter vessels. These benefits are not normally available for private boat purchases.

The Management Period

Management contracts normally run for a five year period although shorter contracts may be an option if required. Contracts may also extend the five year term if mutually agreed by the Owner and Sunsail.

Income from your Boat

We prepare cash-flow forecasts plus examples of end of your tax summaries to demonstrate to prospectus owners how charter boat ownership could work for you. These forecasts vary depending on the type and size of vessel, the capital that the owner has used for the purchase and the area / country where the boat is based for charter. Upon request, Sunsail can also demonstrate the effects of varying levels of funding borrowed for the purchase which will assist you to decide which option best suits you.

Existing Owners

Our boat owners are from all different walks of life and include Panel Beaters, builders, doctors, lawyers, accountants and farmers but to name a few. The tax benefits of charter boat ownership are available to virtually every owner, this is one of the few tax planning opportunities available for salary and wage earners to get tax rebates from tax paid from their weekly pay packet.

Owners use.

Sunsail South Pacific has ownership opportunities available now in Tonga. The Tonga fleet averaging on 160 days of charter perannum, there are literally months of free boating available to the owner on-board their boat. The owner can pre-book four weeks per year to ensure that they get the particular periods that suit them, additionally then also use the boat at any other time when it is not on charter. We believe that our owners often make more use of their boat under our charter management than many privately owned boats that appear to sit idle in marinas for most of the year. We make it easy. When you arrive, the boat will have the refrigeration turned on, the water tanks full, the outboard and dinghy on-board, all you have to do is step on-board and sail away. When you return, you simply step off leaving the boat clean and tidy, we then do the rest and make sure the boat is checked and ready for the next guests to step aboard.

Partnerships – Shared ownership

There are a variety of ownership options from outright full ownership through to half or third shares in the boat. The entry costs of shared ownership are obviously significantly lower then outright full ownership with Sunsail managing both the boat and the owners partnership, this has been a very successful option on a number of boats in our fleets. Consider this – if you are allowing others to charter your boat to make you income, then why not have one or two others sharing in the capital outlay for the purchase.

Act now

We have determined that there is a great future for boat charters in the South Pacific. While we have plans to expand our fleets to match the growing demand, this expansion will be carefully controlled with a limited number of boats available to enter the fleet each year. Once the desired fleet size is achieved, opportunities will only be available as current boats in our fleet are phased out – there has never been a more exciting time for you to be apart of it!

Your New Yacht

Sunsail Tonga operates selected models from Jeanneau and Robertson and Caine catamarans. Our policy of providing established models from well-known builders assures you of the best possible resale opportunities.
Charter yachts in the Yacht Ownership program range from 33 to 53 feet and are well equipped by any standards. Many of our product innovations have now been adopted as part of the standard builder specification. Countless smaller design modifications have been developed to further enhance reliability, comfort and performance. We fit electric windlasses, bimini awnings, hot water, chart plotters, wind instruments and autopilots on all models.

Sunsail has a wealth of experience in the specification and purchase of yachts and will carry out all the work on your behalf. This includes commissioning, delivery to the cruising area and assistance with registration.

Available Models:

Sunsail 444 - 4 Cabin Catamaran Yacht